Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why I Will Never Achieve Greatness!

Why I will never achieve greatness? Greatness is defined by being GREAT.. rightt??? issittt??? haha......

Based on the study I made.. 

Study that I did? How? of course..... 

Greatness is defined as having the quality of being great. 


What does that mean? I don't even know. Let's find out what "greatness" means. Type this "define: greatness" in The results came out with all sorts of definition. The one I'm looking for is... Let's paste everything here.. Hahaha..

  1. the quality of being great; eminence or distinction.
    "Elgar's greatness as a composer"
    synonyms:eminencedistinctionpre-eminence, illustriousness, lustrerepute,reputationstatusstanding, high standing; More

Got it? Good...

There's a few reasons I can't achieve greatness.. 

A few? A few you say? You have loads! Loads of them.. I'm gonna cover only 5 of them...

1) Lack of determination to finish strong on what I started. Starting something is one thing. Starting a task, starting that assignment, starting to work or even starting to work on your dreams. Everybody can start doing something. But somewhere along the line I get tired, i get demotivated, i get yelled at, i get put down. And apparently I will succumb to this negativity and leave what I started. Not all of it though. I do finish what I started. Its just that I don't finish strong. I don't finish the way I envisioned it. 

2) I am AFRAID!! Afraid of Failure.. Afraid of the Journey.. Afraid of Success.. What? why? The question that I ask myself everyday.. It takes a lot to be great. Being afraid it not one of them. I have to remind myself that it is not that bad. That meeting that I'm about to attend, the presentation that I have to give. Man... we think about the worst possible outcome. But most of the time it's not that bad. It won't come close to even half of what your bad thoughts were. Just follow through..

3) Let other people talk me out of your dreams. I have no idea why sometimes I get these negative people in my head. Listening to them is one thing, but believing in what they are saying is a stupid thing to do. Sometimes they fail at what they do then they  want you to fail also. But you are the stupid one, cause you are the one who is listening and believing them. Man!! 

4) I have a severe habit of procrastinating. Dude.. Who doesn't right? But is it as bad as mine? Dunnoo...... Im procrastinating now........................................................................................... (Took me a few hours to write this one down).. hahahahaha.. Just do it!!

5) No sound plan. I have a plan. But it is just a plan. I don't have a detailed plan, a to-do-list, a calendar to track down the days on when I need something to be done at a certain point in time. Planning is everything...

People say that we need to identify and embrace our inner strength. But at the same time we need to embrace our weak points also to identify and eliminate it from the formula all together. Sometimes what I say does not make sense. But I think this one does.. hahaha..

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